Georges has delivered movement workshops across North America, as well as internationally online. He is best known for his approach to movement as medicine through his deep squat workshop ; you can learn more about thoughts around the deep squat in his publication for the Journal of Evolution and Health. He has empowered thousands of people to find freedom through movement: participants of his workshops go home with a better movement vocabulary: movement literacy,  practical understanding of addressing connective tissue health (ex. joint health), and most importantly find their deep squat. Contact us to help you find yours.

Aaron Blaisdell, Ph.D., Founder of Ancestral Health Symposium

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Georges Dagher presented a poster on the Deep Squat as an important health tool at the 2016 Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS16) in Boulder, CO. In addition, he conducted a series of Deep Squat breakout sessions for conference attendees throughout the symposium. These breakout sessions were very well attended and received, and provided hands-on coaching to help attendees practice and master the deep squat techniques. I was thrilled to hear the user feedback, and to watch Georges in action from the side lines. He is a true professional and making a big difference in the lives of everyday people, young and old! I look forward to inviting Georges back to future symposiums.

Brian Sabin,

Executive Editor at STACK Media

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Nobody makes the deep squat sound more achievable—even inviting—than Georges Dagher. His webinar with STACK’s audience was both thought-provoking and actionable, as he provided viewers with real-world tactics for squatting better. His knowledge of the movement is matched only by his energy and enthusiasm for presenting about it. Highly recommended.

You are as old as your spine.

- Chinese Proverb