Initial Assessment -
Chiropractic & Pain

An in-depth, comprehensive initial assessment for pain and chiropractic patients. This assessment includes a 30-minute virtual intake, followed by an in-person session. This service is covered by most extended health care plans, and you will be provided a receipt after each session.

Initial Assessment -
Strength & Performance

An in-depth, comprehensive initial assessment for strength and conditioning clients. This assessment includes a 30-minute virtual intake, followed by an in-person session, where you will be taken through a individualized movement assessment prior to determining an appropriate course of action tailored to your goals. This service may be covered by your extended health care plan.

Spine Care

Georges’ expertise in diagnosing and managing spine disorders is heavily informed by his own experience of the devastating effects of back pain. Because of this, spine care is a subsidized service in an effort to be accessible to as many people as possible in the pursuit of restoring patients back to optimal health. His experience at Brown University, Care New England with Dr. Murphy, and his work as a researcher and peer reviewer inspires an evidence-based approach to bring patients from pain to performance.

Training -
Strength & Conditioning

Tailored and designed for your specific goals following an assessment and coaching session, you will receive a customized program for YOU, you and your training partner, or small team. 


Dr. Donald Murphy

Medical Director of Spine Care Program, 

Care New England Health System

Dr. Dagher spent time with me during his internship and we have continued to work together since.  He is always on top of the latest research, which allows him to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date care possible. My patients enjoyed their interactions with him when he was in my clinic, and I am confident that you will too.

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Cressey Sports Performance President,
Yankees Director of Player Health & Performance

Georges Dagher is one of the most passionate guys you'll meet in the world of health and human performance. This isn't just empty enthusiasm, though; his excitement for helping others is rooted in a thorough, multifaceted education in a variety of realms - plus plenty of real world experiences. I'm fortunate to have him as a friend, professional colleague, and resource to whom I can refer.

Eric Cressey