Dr. Georges Dagher is a health and performance practitioner. He blends his education and experience as a Chiropractor (DC), Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), researcher and athlete through a philosophy rooted in "movement as medicine." His evidence-based approach is to optimize human health through rehabilitation and performance, ensuring that his patients and clients leave their sessions as active participants, confident in empowering their own health. He focuses on highly individualized treatment and training, informed by his specialized knowledge of the spine and hip. Georges' mission is to move the  world by "speaking movement" through his practice and lifestyle.


    Dr. Donald Murphy

    Medical Director of Spine Care Program, 

    Care New England Health System

    Dr. Dagher spent time with me during his internship and we have continued to work together since.  He is always on top of the latest research, which allows him to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date care possible. My patients enjoyed their interactions with him when he was in my clinic, and I am confident that you will too.

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    Eric Cressey

    Cressey Sports Performance President,
    Yankees Director of Player Health & Performance

    Georges Dagher is one of the most passionate guys you'll meet in the world of health and human performance. This isn't just empty enthusiasm, though; his excitement for helping others is rooted in a thorough, multifaceted education in a variety of realms - plus plenty of real world experiences. I'm fortunate to have him as a friend, professional colleague, and resource to whom I can refer.


    Founder and Director of L.A. Sports & Spine

    Dr. Craig Liebenson

    Georges walks the walk. Learn by doing. Learn by teaching. It's the only way. Book knowledge is a start, but practical wisdom comes from failure. Georges, unlike many other young (& experienced!) practitioners doesn't pretend to "know". He's discovering like the rest of us. This is why I can recommend him as a teacher, trainer, coach & clinician. He knows the process is marginal gains. He isn't wedded to his program, but values learning about the individual's goals & profile. Then, discovering what gets long-term results. If you want a great guide there are few better.

    Aaron Blaisdell

    UCLA Psychology Professor,

    Founder of the Ancestral Health Symposium

    Georges Dagher presented a poster on the Deep Squat as an important health tool at the 2016 Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS16) in Boulder, CO. In addition, he conducted a series of Deep Squat breakout sessions for conference attendees throughout the symposium. These breakout sessions were very well attended and received, and provided hands-on coaching to help attendees practice and master the deep squat techniques. I was thrilled to hear the user feedback, and to watch Georges in action from the side lines. He is a true professional and making a big difference in the lives of everyday people, young and old! I look forward to inviting Georges back to future symposiums.

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    Brian Sabin

    Executive Editor STACK Media

    Nobody makes the deep squat sound more achievable—even inviting—than Georges Dagher. His webinar with STACK’s audience was both thought-provoking and actionable, as he provided viewers with real-world tactics for squatting better. His knowledge of the movement is matched only by his energy and enthusiasm for presenting about it. Highly recommended.